Healing amber necklace

Amber necklace - not only beautiful but also useful. More precisely, they were initially known as a remedy for many diseases and only then began to be used in the form of jewelry. The versatile nature of these necklaces has made them a staple in the world of holistic healing and fashion. The yantar.ua offers an exquisite selection of authentic and high-quality amber necklaces, ensuring both elegance and wellness for the wearer.

Types of amber necklaces

There are different types of amber necklaces:

  • necklace in the form of jewelry made of polished amber.
  • healing necklace made of raw stone.
  • healing polished necklace.

Depending on the purposes for which you want to buy an amber necklace, you should pay attention to its appearance. Since ancient times, it has been believed that natural unprocessed stone has unique healing properties. A polished healing necklace also has healing properties. This is the same raw amber, but with minor grinding of sharp protrusions and corners while preserving the "sugar crust". Wearing it on the body, there is a close contact of amber with the body, an exchange of energy. Such a necklace is the most valuable for those who want to be cured of various diseases.

A polished amber necklace is a beautiful decoration for an outfit that does not have a healing effect. Although, without a doubt, any type of amber necklace has a beneficial effect on health and energy.

Amber necklace: healing properties

An amber necklace, especially an unpolished one, has amazing properties. Since ancient times, it has been worn to cleanse the body of impurities, charge with positive energy, lower blood pressure, treat lung diseases, and hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

Recent studies have shown that the necklace also helps with bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma, and infectious lung diseases. Its anti-inflammatory effect is also noted in the treatment of liver diseases.

The healing properties of an amber necklace are fully manifested if you wear it for a long time without removing it from the body. This stone is absolutely harmless, although you should not rule out the possibility that the necklace may not be suitable in terms of energy. This means that this stone does not suit you and you should look for another one.

Treatment of the thyroid gland

Since ancient times, it has been observed that amber, which is close to the body, relieves pain and improves the well-being of patients with goiter and lung infections. After wearing the amber necklace for a long time, the goiter disappeared without a trace, and their health returned to normal.

For those suffering from hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, doctors recommend wearing a healing sunstone necklace. They must be assembled from raw or polished natural stone. The effect of such a necklace will be, first of all, aimed at normalizing hormonal function, slowing down the pathological process, and dissolving the tumor.

An amber necklace for the treatment of the thyroid gland brought an amazing result. Reviews of people who confirm the effect brought by the gem on their own experience can be found on the Internet. Patients permanently get rid of problems with the thyroid gland, and in those cases when surgery was required, the necklace eliminated the problem without surgical intervention.

Sunstone jewelry will be useful to absolutely everyone. If the health is strong and no treatment is needed, they can simply become a wonderful decoration and talisman. Our online jewelry store "Yantar Polissia" will help you buy an amber necklace!

Tips for choosing healing amber beads

1. Check the authenticity of amber: Amber is a popular material, so it is important to pay attention to its authenticity. Here are some tips on how to check the authenticity of amber:

  • Touch: Real amber feels warm to the touch and may give off a light, pleasant scent of pine resin.
  • Weight: Amber has a relatively low density, so it will be light compared to other materials.
  • Conductivity: Amber is a good conductor of heat, so you can feel a slight warmth when you touch it.
  • Appearance: Pay attention to the color, texture, and transparency of the amber. It can have different shades, from light yellow to dark brown.

2. Quality of amber: In addition to originality, the quality of amber is also important. Here are some signs of quality amber:

  • Cleanliness: Amber should be clean, without inclusions, air bubbles, or defects.
  • Grinding: Pay attention to the quality of amber grinding. It should have a smooth surface without scratches or bumps.
  • Shape and Size: Choose amber healing beads that are a comfortable shape and size that you feel comfortable wearing.

3. Trust-certified sellers: Buy amber healing beads from trusted and certified sellers. Check their reputation and customer reviews to make sure they offer quality products.

4. Pay attention to details: Pay attention to details such as pulls, fasteners, and thread strength. Make sure the amber healing beads are securely attached and well-stitched.

5. Seeking Professional Advice: If you have any doubts or questions about choosing amber healing beads, consult a professional or consultant who can provide professional help and advice.

6. Personal preferences: Do not forget that the choice of amber healing beads also depends on your personal preferences and needs. Choose the one you like and suit your needs.

Thanks to these tips, you will be able to make the right choice of healing amber beads, providing yourself with a high-quality and effective means to improve your health and well-being.