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Amber figurines

Another 4 thousand years BC. amber was widely used in everyday life among the inhabitants of the modern Baltic States. Ancient people processed it with their primitive tools, grinding and sawing. In addition to necklaces and jewelry, they carved figurines of people and animals from it. Amber figurines were highly valued outside the Baltic States as well. Later, in Ancient Rome, amber was widely used not only for the manufacture of jewelry, but also for household items (vessels, bowls, flasks). In the Middle Ages up to the 19th century. it was used to make more and more diverse products for personal use (smoking pipes, caskets, lamps). Today, the forgotten tradition has become popular again, and among the gift and souvenir items you can find a wide variety of figurines, candlesticks, clocks, magnets, and more.

Amber statuettes

It's no secret that amber is used not only for making jewelry. From it, modern master jewelers create various souvenir products and works of art, from keychains to paintings.

Made according to the author's sketches and designs, amber figurines differ from other souvenirs in their originality, sophistication, and uniqueness. Amber is the only stone that emits a special heat. In addition, its color range is so wide that it can convey any shades of milk, gold, brown, red and even blue and green. Each amber stone is unique due to its internal inclusions and shades, so it is impossible to find the same souvenirs, even if they are made from the same sketch.

If you want to decorate your home with cute little things that add exclusivity and individuality to the interior, or you need to find a gift for a relative, friend, or colleague - amber souvenirs will be just what will help you in any situation. It is not necessary to look for branded stores in your city that would sell such products. Today, online shopping is becoming more and more popular than traditional shopping. Therefore, you can buy figurines made of amber on a specialized website that sells sunstone products.

Фигурки из янтаря

The only thing you should do before buying any semi-precious stone and amber products is to make sure that the stone is not fake. This can be done by asking for certificates of quality and authenticity of the amber. A conscious online store of gifts and souvenirs provides all necessary documents for public inspection. After checking the necessary information, feel free to choose your favorite souvenir and become the owner of an exclusive handmade gift!